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OUR VISION STATEMENTCFM-SAN DIEGO, INC. seeks to always be perceived as a respected, quality supplier of industrial process controls in the markets we serve. We wish to be relied upon as Process Control Specialists. We seek to achieve our goals though technical competence in the products we represent, in how we serve and support our customers, and by conducting ourselves honestly, sincerely, and with the highest level of integrity. Among our peers, CFM-SAN DIEGO, INC. seeks to be perceived as offering unequaled support to our clients while creating a work environment conducive to individual personal growth.DEFINITION OF OUR BUSINESSCFM-SAN DIEGO, INC. is a Manufacturers Representative and Distributor for industrial process instrumentation and controls. Our product mix addresses the needs to monitor and control the process variables of pressure, flow, temperature, level, density, gas detection, and power support.

2784 Gateway Rd
Suite 103
Carlsbad, California 92009
United States
Phone:  760-434-8829