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One Chip. One Company. Unlimited Network Solutions

One Chip. One Company. Unlimited Network Solutions

The netX network controller chip integrates real-time fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks for transparent protocol conversions. One chip supports 17 network protocols and 33 stacks, in Master and Slave, with all stacks using the same Driver Interface.  Master stacks include an FDT-based Configuration Tool.

With netX at the core, Hilscher offers a complete portfolio of embedded communication solutions. The netJACK is an IP40-rated Exchangeable Communication Module. The network coprocessor supports SPI, PCI-Express or Dual Port Memory. It can be installed by supplier or end-user and is available with QVis/CoDeSys and/or I/O, or as an SoC for your own development. Both Master and Slave stacks are available.

The netIC is a perfect Slave solution for simple field devices with low data throughput. As a DIL-32 based communication IC, it reduces the integration into the target hardware to a minimum. Data can be directly transferred from the host to the netIC via shift registers or via the well-known Modbus RTU protocol.

The comX communication module is a universal solution to upgrade devices with Master or Slave functionality. All modules are pin-compatible and have an identical software interface. Options include modules with integrated network connectors or with the network interface tied to the base board. comX supports Dual Port Memory or SPI.

For quick development of your own custom network integration, Hilscher offers the netRAPID chip carrier and evaluation board. netRAPID is a fully functional Network Slave coprocessor on a solder-ready substrate. Minimal connections allow easy OEM integration of industrial networks in just a few days. It interfaces to the host via DPM or SPI with universal driver.

Contact Phil Marshal, Hilscher North America, or call 1.630.505.5301, for more information. Click here to view detailed specifications for Hilscher’s Embedded Networking Solutions.