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Programmable Automation Controllers, HMI/SCADA, Protocol Gateways, Internet of Things/M2M and More . . . - we provide the heart of your automation systems. Our customers know us as providers of quality products and legendary technical support. With thousands of companies using our products in applications ranging from simple machines to complete distributed plant-wide process control, we prove daily that the company, our employees and our technology are top-notch. If you need machine or process automation controllers, operator interface/SCADA, or remote system access, we offer feature-rich, low-cost solutions. Explore our website for product information, success stories, and more. And feel free to contact a SoftPLC sales engineer to discuss your needs and we'll help you select a great solution. A unique offering is migration from obsolete control technology to new, particularly systems using Allen-Bradley PLC's or HMI's. Whether it is a PLC CPU upgrade, a gateway from a new controller to existing I/O, or upgrading drives or HMI's we offer the lowest risk, lowest cost migration path available. SoftPLC based systems generate over 5% of the electrical power for the USA and handle 60% of the water in Taiwan. SoftPLC Corporation has gained a reputation of being among the most innovative and highest quality software developers in the industrial sector. Many "industry firsts" have been incorporated into our products over the past 32 years.

25603 Red Brangus Drive
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United States
Phone:  512-264-8390