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Turck announces TX500 series of HMI PLCs

November 222016
Turck announces TX500 series of HMI PLCs

November 22, 2016 – Turck announced the TX500 HMI PLCs. These HMIs are designed for use in small- to medium-size machines whose processes have to be controlled, displayed and operated locally. Each TX500 is equipped with a PROFINET master and EtherNet/IP scanner, as well as a Modbus TCP and Mod­bus RTU master. The HMIs can also be run as field devices for both Modbus protocols.

CODESYS 3 allows the programming of the PLC and visualization functions. The processor technology of the units enables handling of computing intensive processes such as moving image visualizations. The TFT display with 64,000 colors enables performance display of graphics and animations. The front panel of the TX500 series is protected to IP66.

Two RJ45 Ethernet ports, a serial interface for RS232 or RS485 as well as two USB ports are provided on the terminal side. An additional SD card slot makes it possible to expand the 128 MB internal data memory. Turck is offering the TX500 series in three variants with different display sizes and resolutions: two 16:9 displays with 7” or 13” (TX507 and TX513) diagonals and one 10” device in 4:3 format (TX510). The two smaller displays offer 800 x 400 pixels, while the large TX513 comes with 1280 x 800 pixels.

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