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CR Magnetics offers a complete line of Digital Transducers, Analog Current, Voltage, Power, Frequency, and Power Factor Transducers to monitor any group or individual power-using equipment. Our Current Relays and Switches provide a simple method of monitoring electrical properties and alerting a system fault or event condition. CR Magnetics Indicators are designed to give the designer a easy to install, visual, economically priced method of sensing electrical properties. The new Current Mark Indicators and Displays provide an elegant look to any control panel. We have an extensive line of Current Transformers ranging from 10,000 Amps down to a few milliamps. Several case styles are available for PCB or Wire Leads. Commercial Grade, ANSI Grade, Silicon Steel Core, Nickel Core, Ferrite and Nanocrystalline Cores are available to meet any need. Our catalog products enable the designer to choose the component that provides the maximum benefit to the system and can be Customized to meet their needs. Products

3500 Scarlet Oak Blvd.
St. Louis, Missouri 63122
United States
Phone:  636-343-8518