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EPLAN Pro Panel Professional: 3D enclosure design made easy

EPLAN Pro Panel Professional: 3D enclosure design made easy

EPLAN Pro Panel: Virtual enclosure layout in 3D

EPLAN Pro Panel makes professional 3D layout planning easy even for the occasional user. This state of the art CAE for enclosure planning produces outstanding 3D layouts easily understood by customers, the production department, and for installers and maintenance staff in the field. EPLAN can convert the 3D layout into a 2D schematic with a single command.

With Pro Panel, users can slash engineering time and manufacturing costs with features like automatic wire routing, drilling template generation, collision control, NC interfacing and much more. EPLAN Pro Panel accelerates every stage of design and manufacturing, producing precise, uniform, high quality documentation and production drawings simply and rapidly.

Among the many other value added benefits, EPLAN Pro Panel features:

  •  optimum dimensioning and perfect utilization of space
  • intelligent designing aids for greater planning reliability
  • consideration of manufacturer specifications for minimum distances
  • integrated mounting aids and online collision check
  • accessories management for optimizing placement of system components.
  • virtual enclosure wiring including conductor and cable length determination

Devices designed in electrical and fluid engineering CAE systems can be imported into the EPLAN Pro Panel 3D mounting layout. EPLAN automatically synchronizes the data among the various programs. Manual synchronization is a thing of the past, and with it, the errors it often introduced. With the appropriate EPLAN interface, engineers can produce and export highly precise automated drilling setups for leading NC machines to make enclosure cuts with greater precision than manual machine setups.

EPLAN Pro Panel can be purchased as an add-on module for EPLAN Electric P8 and EPLAN Fluid while EPLAN Pro Panel Professional can be purchased as an add-on module or standalone system.


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