OMEGA Introduces SCE-DC Desk Consoles |

OMEGA Introduces SCE-DC Desk Consoles

October 262011
OMEGA Introduces SCE-DC Desk Consoles

October 26, 2011 - Omega introduces its SCE-DC series of Nema 4/12 operator desk consoles, intended for indoor use to house electronic and electrical instruments and controls. These operator control consoles will protect electrical components against introduction of solid foreign objects, dirt and water. The SCE-DC operator work stations can be used in a standing or sitting position and can allow for installation of operator interface, control pushbuttons and selector switches. The desk top includes hardware so it can be propped open for easy access; optional key lock latches are available for additional security. Models are available with one- or two-door access in both the front or front and rear of the enclosure. Sub-panels are available for mounting electrical components and dual access models come with channels for more then one sub-panel installation. Ideal for use in the chemical and packaging industries.

Price Starts at $715