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Rittal releases 52U Server Enclosure

February 062012
Rittal releases 52U Server Enclosure

February 6, 2012 - Rittal releases 52U Server Enclosure. It’s engineered to be attractive, strong and functional. The 52U is taller than most similar enclosures, offering stability and capacity to make it attractive in both a stand-alone and multi-unit configuration.

The 52U enclosure adapts to a variety of applications, including housing server, storage and network components. It’s ideal for data centers, MDC/IDC, wiring closets, offices or colocation and application environments.

The Rittal steel frame provides both strength and rigidity. It’s a torsion-free structure with a variety of internal points for securing hardware and accessories. It comes equipped with a single perforated front door and split rear doors and has a capacity of 3,000 pounds. Doors can be removed and reversed and split sidewalls can be locked in place.

The unit’s maximum perforated area meets or exceeds server manufacturers’ airflow specifications and these new units provide for smooth airflow and efficient heat dissipation.

The 52U is available in both 42- and 48-inch depth and 96-inch height. Widths available include 24, 28 and 32 inches. The new enclosure is available in both sand texture black and light grey (RAL 7035).