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Kaman introduces AMADEUS data exchange system

January 232019
Kaman introduces AMADEUS data exchange system

January 23, 2019– The Memory Division of Kaman Precision Products announced the AMADEUS – the Advanced Memory and Data Exchange Universal System. The AMADEUS includes the Model 9740 Multi-Port data transfer unit which includes four removable memory cards (RMC) and a mini-Ground Station Adapter (GSA).  The Model 9740 provides simultaneous data interface over 10GB Ethernet, Mil-Std 1553, RS-232/422 as well as options to record multiple SMPTE 292 and NTSC (RS-170) video/audio channels.

Each Kaman RMC boasts a capacity of 2TB with AES 256 encrypted data-at-rest. This card is packaged in a hermetically sealed stainless steel case and moves data at speed. The pocket sized GSA facilitates expeditionary operations and enables the operator to connect with virtually any computer via USB 3.0 in order to exchange pre-and post-mission data. AMADEUS is engineered to align with Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACET) and perform in the harshest military, aerospace, and industrial environments.