Cognex introduces DataMan 8600 barcode reader |

Cognex introduces DataMan 8600 barcode reader

September 102014
Cognex introduces DataMan 8600 barcode reader

September 9, 2014 - Cognex announced DataMan 8600 series of handheld direct part mark (DPM) barcode readers. The DataMan 8600 provides barcode reading for manufacturers implementing part traceability programs across the automotive, consumer electronics, aerospace, and oil and gas industries.

DataMan 8600 series readers combine 2DMax+ algorithms and Cognex UltraLight technology to read the most challenging DPM codes on the widest range of materials and surfaces.

Additionally, the DataMan 8600 series handheld readers provide Ethernet communication with industrial protocols enabling seamless integration with factory automation equipment. These readers offer field interchangeable communication modules that allow readers to be configured to meet customer-specific communication requirements. Available with both corded and wireless communication modules, the DataMan 8600 series supports industry-standard communications including USB, RS-232 and Bluetooth wireless communication to an intelligent base station.

Built for harsh work environments, the DataMan 8600 series has a rugged industrial design as well as a range of industrial cables and accessories to support the product. Typical applications for the DataMan 8600 series include automotive kitting, engine assembly, incoming inspection, transmission assembly, consumer electronics manufacturing, aerospace, and oil and gas.