Dematic introduces Modular Sort System |

Dematic introduces Modular Sort System

Dematic introduces Modular Sort System

July 28, 2016 – Dematic, a global supplier of integrated automated technology, software and services to optimize the supply chain, has introduced Modular Sort System, a scan and sort system for production and distribution applications. This solution is engineered to provide sorting performance to many applications: sort-to-pallet build, shipping doors, shipping containers or workstations.

Built around pre-engineered and pre-configured modules, the Modular Sort System fits into new or existing buildings and is designed to support the carton, case and tote handling environment. Positive sortation assures that the correct container is directed to the correct location and in the correct sequence.

Most commonly used for final disposition in the shipping area, the sort sub-system can be configured for other applications such as: routing-to-pick modules, value-added processing, quality assurance and packing stations. Typical shipping configurations include manual palletizing (one or more pallets per divert lane), direct divert into a shipping container (gaylord) or connection to an extendable conveyor for fluid loading into a trailer.

The Modular Sort System is a solution that automates the scan and sort function. Dematic iQ software manages induction, gapping and sorting while providing real-time performance information. The pre-engineered layout includes accumulation and gapping conveyor, scanner, software and a choice of diverters: right angle transfer, horizontal belt, or steerable wheel. The layout is configured for the required number of divert points. Divert lanes are arranged to support carton flow into a shipping container, manual palletizing or fluid loading directly into a trailer. The conveyor portion of the Modular Sort System connects all of the divert points in the layout.