CyberGuard 360 releases CyberGlass SEIM 2.0 platform |

CyberGuard 360 releases CyberGlass SEIM 2.0 platform

January 072019
CyberGuard 360 releases CyberGlass SEIM 2.0 platform

January 7, 2019 - CyberGuard360, a firm which develops a solution set of products to detect and mitigate threats from cyber attacks, unveiled CyberGlass SIEM 2.0 late last year. The platform now integrates Unitrends’ backup statistics and statuses to deliver critical insights into systems health and disaster recovery capabilities. The partnership with Unitrends, a Kaseya company, brings disaster recovery and business continuity services to the CyberGuard360 platform, while also broadening Unitrends’ enterprise-class backup and disaster recovery solutions to the MSP and MSSP markets.

CyberGlass SIEM 2.0 is analytics-driven and provides real-time monitoring of threats across the entire technological domain --an organized means of reporting incidents, the ability to analyze large quantities of data to determine where issues/incidents are occurring and the specific tools to confront and deal with threats immediately from within the same platform.

The integration with Unitrends comes on the heels of a research and development phase for CyberGlass, released to the market last year. CyberGlass is a SIEM 2.0 solution in the ongoing world of cyber threats. The platform covers cloud, perimeter, network, endpoints, and devices that interact and participate on the network. CyberGlass  incorporates all traditional SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) components, adds protection components such as next-generation endpoint security, web and DNS security, Dark Web monitoring and much more, then overlays them with CyberGlassAL, an actionable interface that enables engineers to perform prescriptive and proactive remediation without ever having to leave CyberGlass. This design protects businesses from the growing and dangerous threat of cyber attacks on their infrastructure by including the entire security stack in its implementation.  CyberGlass SIEM 2.0 incorporates all of the traditional SIEM tools with real-time information monitoring and management and further builds with the inclusion of top-level functionality that includes protection and remediation capabilities. Additionally, the management component incorporates powerful scripting and automation which have been previously used only by MSPs and enterprise IT departments using third party tools.