Trustonic introduces IoT Device Security & Authenticity solution |

Trustonic introduces IoT Device Security & Authenticity solution

February 272018
Trustonic introduces IoT Device Security & Authenticity solution

February 27, 2018 –Trustonic has launched a suite of technologies for the protection, authentication and enrollment of industrial, M2M and consumer IoT devices. In addition to on-device protection for services, apps and data, Trustonic’s modular IoT security solution delivers a range of features. These include device attestation, protection from overproduction, cloning and tampering, supply chain integrity from start to in-field operation and autonomous cloud enrollment. Chip, device and equipment manufacturers can select the specific security features needed to bring appropriate levels of trust to their products, as many IoT devices are limited by size, speed and capacity. The Trustonic IoT solution includes:

  • Kinibi-M – a modular, hardware-secured operating environment specially designed for size-constrained IoT chipsets. The platform is adapted from Trustonic’s existing technology that is embedded into more than 1.5 billion connected devices, including smartphones and wearables.
  • Digital Holograms – a technology for device attestation that leverages blockchain technology. This technology enables anyone in the device manufacturing chain to attest securely to a stage of manufacture.
  • Key provisioning – enabling a ‘Root of Trust’ (RoT) to attest that devices were securely manufactured, determine the device type and identity, ensure applications and secrets can be securely delivered and identify rogue or counterfeit devices.
  • Tools & SDK – enabling developers to create secure IoT devices and applications.