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Datum Electronics introduces DX 8600 wireless data link

January 242018
Datum Electronics introduces DX 8600 wireless data link

January 24, 2018 - Datum Electronics has developed a range of contactless water-proof replacements for slip ring applications, DX 8600 Universal Wireless Data Link. The DX 8600 Series Data Link has been specifically designed for data & power transmission from any rotating shaft to a static location. The Data Link utilises an inductive coupling to provide power to the rotary transmitter, which then sends serial data back to the stator module.

Datum Electronics have supplied rotary couplings that are used in all manner of test rigs, drive lines, ships, mixers, pump monitoring and numerous similar applications. The latest DX Series has been designed as a wireless alternative to slip rings, suitable to retrofitting to existing machinery and drive lines, providing signal and power to shaft options.

The DX 8600 Wireless Data Link is fully waterproof and doesn’t rely on friction to enable data & power transmission. Originally designed for marine applications, the system has been tested to meet food industry requirements, including cleaning with caustic soda, immersion in water, milk, oil and other contaminants. Furthermore, the coupling can be cleaned using a jet wash without damage.

The DX8600 Wireless Data Link system is also able to support most industrial protocols, including RS serial data outputs, as well as MODBUS, CANBUS, Ethernet and similar protocols.

The Datum Series 8600 Wireless Data Link can be supplied to fit shaft diameters from 10 mm to 90 mm, with the standard data rate of 256kb and 1MBaud. However, higher rates are also obtainable, subject to the physical space envelope available.