Lantronix announces PremierWave XC HSPA+ wireless gateway |

Lantronix announces PremierWave XC HSPA+ wireless gateway

September 052013
 Lantronix announces PremierWave XC HSPA+ wireless gateway

September 5, 2013 - Lantronix announced PremierWave XC HSPA+ (3.5G) device, a high speed intelligent gateway and application server designed for easy mobile and remote device connectivity, and rapid application development and deployment. The device leverages leading-edge 3.5G cellular/mobile technology, bringing M2M connectivity to devices and equipment previously unable to be connected through wired or Wi-Fi solutions.

PremierWave XC HSPA+ highlights:

  • Penta-band UMTS/HSPA+
  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE
  • Ethernet-to-Cellular routing
  • Ethernet-to-Cellular Failover and Failback
  • SMS: Shoulder tap, relay control, event notification, and tunneling
  • Dual network connectivity (Wired Ethernet and Cellular) for flexibility and redundancy
  • Unique design for quick and easy connectivity to virtually any device with a serial port
  • Extended temperature range for industrial applications
  • 5-Year limited warranty

The PremierWave XC family is designed for applications in a variety of vertical markets including telematics, industrial automation, healthcare, energy, utilities, and more. The product enables remote access and management of virtually any serial equipment or device through the use of the market-leading Lantronix device server application suite and optional custom programming environment. Additionally, the PremierWave family is critical for applications deployed in areas that do not have an Ethernet or Wi-Fi infrastructure, or for installations that have such connectivity but rely on cellular for failover backup, ensuring redundancy.

About HSPA+
HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) represents a family of high-speed 3G and 4G digital data services available to GSM carriers worldwide. The service works with HSPA cellphones as well as laptops and portable devices with HSPA modems. Although based on WCDMA, HSPA is a major enhancement with more channels and different modulation and coding techniques. In addition, HSPA can recover faster from errors than WCDMA. HSPA+, also called "I-HSPA" and "HSPA Evolved," is designated as a 4G technology. In the United States, it is available under AT&T Mobility and T-Mobile US.

PremierWave XC HSPA+ has an MSRP of $565.00.