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S7-Remote maintenance with mbNET.easy

October 232014
S7-Remote maintenance with mbNET.easy

The robust industrial router mbNET.easy of MB Connect Line provides the optimal prerequisites for the entry into the remote maintenance. They allow the direct connection to the S7-world and offer over 90 drivers for other control types. The routers are suitable for a variety of applications in the fields of industrial automation, building technology and infrastructure.

A driver for the "PG/PC interface“ of the S7 Siemens software allows users to build a remote maintenance connection without changing the S7-Project. The system/plant side is a switchable RS232/485 serial interface; also a MPI-/Profibus-Connection and four Ethernet ports are available. The intelligent routing features of the mbNET.easy provide access to participants in the internal/external networks. The mbNET router will hide the IP addresses in the transition between the private network and the Internet automatically. The connection is established with just a few clicks on the mbCONNECT24 portal, mbConnect24.hosted or the mbConnect24.midi or .maxi hardware solutions. In addition to controller devices and control panels, you can also safely and reliably access IT Systems via the Internet.