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Upgrade to Mobility with Hilscher's netSCADA Solutions

September 252015
Upgrade to Mobility with Hilscher's netSCADA Solutions

Upgrade to Mobility with Hilscher’s netSCADA Solutions

Hilscher's low-cost netSCADA solution lets you monitor and control PLC-based automation systems using any browser-enabled device, whether mobile phone, tablet or computer. Configure your graphic screens with just a few mouse clicks—no HTML coding needed. Use libraries and simple tools to build your displays in minutes. Access data; monitor operations; control equipment: all from the browser on your cell phone, tablet or laptop.

Two Industrial Ethernet versions have been launched, one aimed at PROFINET S7 PLCs and the other at Modbus TCP-enabled PLCs and networks. No programming skills are required: just drag and drop standard controls or indicators onto your displays using Hilscher’s intuitive web page builder. Tag with input or output variables to visualize values or to assign them value-based dynamic functions. Alternatively, use your own graphics and add lines, rectangles or circles to build a custom web page in minutes.

With the Industrial Ethernet launch, the netSCADA family now supports Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS and PROFINET systems.

The netSCADA Modbus device links to the network with simple Modbus RTU protocol over serial RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485. The netSCADA Modbus TCP links to the targeted system with the vendor-neutral Modbus TCP/IP protocol as client or server. The integrated 2-port Ethernet switch on the underside connects the device to the existing LAN network. The independent third port Ethernet on the front connects to the Modbus TCP network.

The netLINK SCADA version links to the SIMATIC PLC via PROFIBUS or MPI. The netSCADA PROFINET device links to the target PLC with the Ethernet protocol ISO on TCP that is supported by PROFINET S7 PLCs.

In addition to the monitoring of online data, netSCADA devices support Alarming & Acknowledgment and Data Trending. A large catalog of high-quality graphics designed for the industrial sector is optionally available as a library.

With Hilscher's netSCADA family you can:

  • Build graphic displays in minutes
  • View and control PLCs and I/O from any mobile device
  • Support Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS and PROFINET

Contact Phil Marshall, Hilscher North America, or call 1.630.505.5301, for more information.