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Mec-Tric Control has been serving the Carolinas since 1936. We offer Technical/Engineering expertise on the products we represent. Engineered products; in the field of instrumentation, and process control equipment are our focus. Degreed engineers and technical competent sales people are here to provide solutions. * Process & Control Equipment * Instrumentation & Controls * Steam Products * Valve Repair MEC-TRIC Process & Control Equipment and Specialty Valves Specializing In Over Pressure Protection, With Fike Rupture Disc, Farris Safety Relief Valves, Groth Pressure/Vacuum Valves, Blanketing Regulators, And Explosion Protection Sytems. MEC-TRIC Instrumentation, Controls, & Analytical Fluid Components International Air,N2, Gas, and Vapors Mass Flow Meters, and Flow Switches For Liquid & Gases. Flow Meters for all services. Hoffer and Veris Flow Meters. Teledyne Analytical, Detcon Gas Detection, and Bacharach Refrigerant Monitors U.S. Gauge Pressure Gauges & Diaphragms, Fairchild I/P & Air Regulators, Babbitt Level Switches ,Gems Sensors MEC-TRIC Steam Products Spence Pressure & Temperature Regulators, Steam Traps, Condensate Pumps, Control Valves. Flow Fab Flexible Metal Hoses. Complete Fabricated Steam Systems. MEC-TRIC Valve Repair In 1987 Mec-Tric Control Was Authorized To Assemble, Set And Repair Farris Engineering Safety And Safety/Relief Valves In Charlotte, NC. In 1995, Mec-Tric Control Was Authorized To Assemble, Set And Repair Spence Engineering Safety/Relief Valves In Charlotte, NC. Manufacturers Representative and Distributors for process control equipement... Mec-Tric Control Company was founded in 1936 under the name of W. Baynard Simons Company. In 1945 the name was changed to Mec-Tric Control Company to reflect its focus on mechanical and electrical products. Today, Mec-Tric Control Companys specialties are: * Mechanical Products * Instrumentation & Control * Process Equipment * Steam Products Mec-Tric operates out of a 10,000 square foot office building and 12,500 square foot warehouse and valve shop on three acres approximately five miles southeast of downtown Charlotte, North Carolina. The facilities and land are owned by Mec-Tric Properties. Mec-Tric Control is a manufacturers representative and distributor for many of the leading companies in the markets of: * Chemical Industry * Pulp and Paper * Intermediates and Polymerization * Biotech and Pharmaceutical * Commercial Institutions * Power Generation * Textiles * Engineering Firms

P. O. Box 221918
Charlotte, North Carolina 28222
United States
Phone:  704-376-8555