Regal Beloit announces UlteMAX axial motor line |

Regal Beloit announces UlteMAX axial motor line

December 132016
Regal Beloit announces UlteMAX axial motor line

December 13, 2016 — Regal Beloit, a manufacturer of electric motors, electrical motion controls, power generation and power transmission components, announced it will debut its UlteMAX axial integral horsepower motor line, during AHR Expo 2017. The product line will include an integrated configurable control for installation, operation and serviceability.  

Leveraging knowledge and background in electronically commutated motors, permanent magnet and advanced axial flux technology, Regal developed a variable-speed integral horsepower motor and drive that simplifies mounting while also eliminating the need for heavy installation equipment. The UlteMAX motor and control also reduces the average motor inventory by greater than fifty percent through consolidation into sizes ranging from 3HP to 15HP. 

UlteMAX motor operation can be configured during installation and physical alignment is done by a distinctive mounting system. The motor profile has been optimized for air movement since it does not obstruct the air flow in plenum fans, harvesting more wire-to-air output. The control is also equipped with Regal innovative technology to allow operation at higher temperatures.