ATO introduces ATO AC servo motors |

ATO introduces ATO AC servo motors

February 262019
ATO introduces ATO AC servo motors

February 26, 2019 - ATO AC servo motors are available in power ratings from fraction of watt up to few 100 watts . They are having high torque capabilities. The rotor of servo motor is made smaller in diameter and longer in length, so that it has low inertia. ATO AC servo motors features are as follow:

  • Brushes are not within the motor
  • A feedback system controls and alerts the engine to the location of the rotor to initiate the sequence of current through the coils.
  • Feedback alignment is used within most AC servo motors to function properly with a controller or amplifier.
  • Inertia is lower on rotors
  • Control system:
    • Stator current magnitudes, frequencies, and their phases require a coordinated control process.
    • Closed-loop communication system located with the controller/amplifier
    • Motor speed operates by a sinusoidal PWM, where the speed control is in the frequency of the PWM