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VYCON announces addition of VDC-XXT flywheel model

August 272019
VYCON announces addition of VDC-XXT flywheel model

August 27, 2019 – VYCON announced the addition of the VDC-XXT flywheel model to its VDC line of clean energy storage solutions for 24/7 power protection. Paired with three-phase uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), VYCON’s flywheel technology brings DC power capacity using the kinetic energy of the flywheel for power backup.

The VDC-XXT 450kW system is in a 30” W x 30” D chassis as VYCON’s 300kW rated VDC-XXE model. It has the capability of operating at temperatures of up to 104°F (40°C) with a 20-year operational life.

The VDC product line offers the flexibility to select the power level and run time combination that will meet specific application requirements. Like VYCON’s other VDC models, upon a power failure, the VDC-XXT will supply DC energy allowing the UPS to gracefully transfer to a facility’s backup generators upon a utility power outage.

For applications without an engine generator-set or for customers who still want to use batteries, the VDC-XXT can operate in parallel with batteries. In this configuration called “battery hardening,” the VDC is the first line of defense against power disturbances.
VYCON flywheels incorporate a host of features that maintain and monitor such as self-diagnostics, log files, adjustable voltage settings, RS-232/485 interface, alarm status contacts, soft-start pre-charge from the DC bus and push-button shutdown. Available options include DC disconnect, remote monitoring, Modbus and SNMP communications, and real-time monitoring software.

Tested and compatible with all major brands of three-phase UPS systems, VYCON’s flywheel systems are capable of millions of full charge and discharge cycles over the life of the system with no degradation in voltage, power, or storage.