ASI introduces ASIDCU20 DIN Rail UPS |

ASI introduces ASIDCU20 DIN Rail UPS

October 092015
ASI introduces ASIDCU20 DIN Rail UPS

October 9, 2015– Automation Systems Interconnect introduces ASIDCU20, a DIN Rail mounted microprocessor controlled DC-UPS and integrated battery charger. The unit is rated at 20 Amps and 11 to 28 VDC input/output.

The automatic sensing function provides control over input voltage, load current and battery current in 12 or 24 Vdc applications. The integrated battery charger supports various battery chemistries including Lead-Acid, NiMH, NiCad and Lithium at a charging current up to 5 Amps. The embedded user interface on the front panel features a color LCD display, dry contacts, plus easy-to-program buttons for setup status, measures and alarms.

For remote monitoring and configuration, simply connect a PC to ASIDCU20 DC-UPS through the USB port and use POWERMASTER software for programming. This high tech, high performance solution is housed in a sturdy, well-ventilated aluminum housing for maximum efficiency and mounts on any standard 35 mm DIN Rail. Other features include automatic power down and restart of a computer.