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Here at Sensor Electronics we have over a quarter-century of hands-on experience engineering, designing, installing, and maintaining toxic and explosive gas detection systems. Our detectors are at work on offshore platforms, pipelines, sterilization chambers, steel mills, bottling works, sewage-treatment plants, supermarkets, airports, semiconductor facilities and methane districts, even highway tunnels all over the world. Our detectors work for years even decades to safeguard your company and your customers from the dangers of toxic and explosive gases.Hundreds of reliable, accurate gas sensors are available. Unique costs saving features are designed in to all Sensor Electronics gas detection products. “Gas Free” electrochemical toxic gas sensor calibration. Infrared sensing technology no mirrors or reflecting surfaces for non-pyrolyzed detection of HC, HCFC, PFC gases. Process gas analyzers, nonextractive sampling, single and dual channel devices for H2O, Hydrocarbons and Carbon Dioxide gas vapors. Up to 254 networked gas detectors report back to a single operator interface controller. Gas detection controller provides system status, system overview, data logging and Ethernet connectivity. Weve worked with hundreds of companies all over the world. Now we'd like to work with you!

12730 Creek View Avenue
Savage, Minnesota 55378
United States
Phone:  952-938-9486