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HEIDENHAIN announces ERP 1000 series of angle encoders

October 022018
HEIDENHAIN announces ERP 1000 series of angle encoders

October 2, 2018 – HEIDENHAIN announces a series of angle encoders called the ERP 1000.  These encoders are designed for accurate measurement and positioning applications within semiconductor and metrology equipment.

Consisting of a glass disk bonded to a hub and a scanning unit that scans the fine graduation on the surface of the disk, these ERP 1000s are offered with four different size disks and segments.   The disks can have up to 63,000 lines with accuracy to +/- 0.9 arc seconds and up to 2600 RPM.  A reference mark is included, and multiple scanning units could be used to increase accuracy even further.

The scanning units also have the new custom ASIC HSP 1.0 which is HEIDENHAIN Signal Processing and forces the stabilization of the signals through an LED brightness control. When the scanning unit detects contamination, the LED intensity is increased to help increase the reflectivity and therefore reducing amplified noise. The scanning unit cable exit can also be ordered with either a straight-out configuration, or a 90-degree exit, both having left or right options as well.

The scanning units come with either an analog 1Volt peak to peak or TTL electrical interface. The TTL versions can have up to 1000x interpolation, yielding 252 million counts of resolution per 360 degrees on the largest disk.