SensoPart introduces FT 55-RLAM triangulation sensor |

SensoPart introduces FT 55-RLAM triangulation sensor

SensoPart introduces FT 55-RLAM triangulation sensor

April 11, 2019 - SensoPart’s triangulation sensor FT 55-RLAM represents a generation of distance sensors. The sensor is available in several different operating ranges, extending up to 1 m.

The distance sensor FT 55-RLAM from SensoPart detects surfaces from black to shiny. Equipped with an analogue output, two switching outputs, an IO-Link interface and optional RS485 interface, the sensor offers connectivity. It also comes with an operating concept with a LCD display. This combination of characteristics makes the sensor suited for diverse applications, for example in machine construction, the automotive, plastics and packaging industries or in robotics applications.

FT 55-RLAM owes its detection efficiency to three main characteristics: Firstly, the oblong light spot supplies a clear signal even on structured metal surfaces. Secondly, signal amplification allows detection of poorly reflective black parts, as well as shiny objects. This performance is not just in selected instances,but is guaranteed across the entire measuring range. And thirdly, measurement reliability is further increased by signal evaluation.

The distance sensor offers users numerous options. Different special functions that cannot be implemented via the control system in fast-moving processes, can be integrated without programming work – such as the output of profile height difference or the determining of a minimum or maximum value. The sensor also comes with extra useful functions for setting switching outputs, such as an event counter or pick-up or drop-out delay.