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Michell announces S8000 RS chilled mirror hygrometer

Michell announces S8000 RS chilled mirror hygrometer

June 20, 2012 - Michell’s S8000 RS reference chilled mirror hygrometer provides dependable measurements in a range of industrial applications where maximum gas dew-point temperature measurement precision is critical and ease of use is essential. It is the smallest and among the lightest instruments of its type on the market. The S8000 RS is capable of measuring dew points to -90°C (0.1ppmv) with no need for additional, external cooling equipment. Combined with its ±0.1°C dew-point accuracy and ±0.05°C dew-point resolution across its measurement range, this also makes it the most cost-effective and convenient hygrometer in its class.

Chilled mirror hygrometers have excellent precision and repeatability because they base their measurements on the actual formation of condensed water or frost on a mirror surface. This is a primary characteristic of moisture so will not drift over time, as can occur with other methods.

The S8000 RS has a sophisticated optical system that detects very small changes in moisture condensed on the mirror surface. This guarantees high sensitivity and fast response when measuring low-dew points. As with all Michell chilled mirror hygrometers, the S8000 RS is available with UKAS and NIST accreditation.

With a high-contrast LCD touch-screen, the S8000 RS is easy to operate and interrogate. USB or Ethernet connections are supplied as standard to enable remote operation and data logging via a PC or network.

Robust overall design and practical features make the S8000 RS reference hygrometer a multi-purpose tool for a wide range of applications in an industrial environment as well as for calibration facilities.

Michell supplies high precision hygrometers and is among the largest dew-point sensors manufacturer globally. Their reference chilled mirror hygrometers, such as the S8000 RS, are constantly in use within their own factory for dew-point sensor manufacturing, and in their calibration facility and service center. Michell’s customers benefit from the robustness and 40 years of expertise built into each chilled mirror hygrometer design.

Key applications for the S8000 RS include:

  • Reference instrument for calibration laboratory. Compact, light and needing no additional cooling – it is ideal for in-house calibration laboratories.
  • Verifying the purity of industrial gases. Its fast response and high sensitivity enables quick measurements to be taken.
  • Ensuring the dryness of controlled industrial environments.