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VPG Transducers releases Models 5113 & 5117 load pins

February 242017
VPG Transducers releases Models 5113 & 5117 load pins

February 24, 2017 – The VPG Transducers business unit of Vishay Precision Group, designers and manufacturers of standard and custom force, pressure, torque, load, tension and weight sensors, announced the global market introduction of its Model 5113 and Model 5117 load pins.

Model 5113 and Model 5117 load pins provide measurements of force, tension, load, and overload parameters, with a safe overload capacity of up to ±250 kN. Their design incorporates VPG’s foil strain gage sensing technology, bonded onto a zinc-plated hardened alloy steel body. The Model 5113 measures 38 millimeters, and the Model 5117 measures 25 millimeters.

The load pins are offered in choices of three rated capacities from ±25 to ±60 kN. They further incorporate an embedded ratiometric voltage output converter and IP66 environmental protection. Alternate connector types, cable lengths and other customization options are available upon request.

Models 5113 and 5117 are a choice for the support of control or safety systems, including those operating under severe load and environmental conditions. Both models may be used as direct drop-in replacements for legacy load pin solutions, including those installed within typical off-highway and agricultural vehicle trailer hitch systems. In this instance, the Model 5117 is typically mounted onto the top arm, while the Model 5113 is installed onto the bottom arm. Other applications include off-road vehicles, plowing vehicles, cranes, hoisting gear, pulley shafts, winches, chain and brake anchors, bearing blocks, tensioning systems, elevators, floor conveyors, commercial and civil aircraft, chemical processing and R&D.