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Aventics announces ST6 series of proximity sensors

Aventics announces ST6 series of proximity sensors

July 25, 2016 - Aventics launched the ST6 sensor series, which can be used in a variety of applications.

ST6 series proximity sensors are "dropped" into the T-slot on the profile cylinder. Next, the captive eccentric screw is fixed with a quarter turn using a flat tip screwdriver or an Allen wrench. The screw also keeps the sensor in place, even in the event of impact or vibration. Retaining ribs on the side of the sensor enable mounting, including in hard-to-reach locations or for overhead assembly.

Proximity sensors detect the magnetic field of the piston magnet when the piston is moving within the sensor range. Once a defined threshold has been met, the electronics respond. The ST6 sensor series includes a range of versions with different line lengths and connections. Aventics also offers variants with ATEX certification and covers application temperatures from -40°C to 120°C with its cold and heat-resistant versions. The sensors are "cULus" certified, protected against polarity reversal, and short-circuit-resistant.