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Dynatrol announces Dynatrol Density Systems

January 282020
Dynatrol announces Dynatrol Density Systems

January 28, 2020 - Dynatrol announced their two-part Density Systems, designed to provide measurement while withstanding the corrosive effects from caustics, acids, ammonia, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acids and nitric acids.  Density Systems calculate density at a reference temperature and uses the process value to calculate the specific gravity, Baumé or percent concentration.  It utilizes vibratory principles to provide continuous measurement of liquids and slurries at on-line process conditions.

The Dynatrol density cells are available with Tantalum media contact parts, as well as Hastelloy c-276, Carpenter 20, s316L stainless steel and other alloys specific to users’ applications

The Series 2000 Digital Converter makes the Dynatrol System complete.  It incorporates an on-board microcontroller and liquid-crystal display of the measured variable, temperature, frequency and other calibration data. 

It has a 4-20mA standard output and RS-232 communication.