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Digi Security Systems releases line of manufacturing surveillance systems

Digi Security Systems releases line of manufacturing surveillance systems

May 31, 2017 – Digi Security Systems, a provider of security and life safety systems, has developed a line of integrated electronic surveillance systems specifically designed for the special needs of today’s manufacturing facilities. With features like megapixel cameras, integrated electronic access control, and perimeter intrusion detection with real-time central station monitoring, the systems are designed to meet the unique security demands of a manufacturing environment.

The line of systems also includes voice over internet protocol (VOIP) phones and mass notification capabilities. The integrated security system solution package can also include life safety alarm systems. Consolidating these systems with one provider is intended to simplify manufacturing facilities’ security and safety operations, so they can focus on their core business operations.

Using video analytics, Digi Security Systems provides real-time preventative protection to monitor and secure an entire manufacturing facility. System software delivers situational awareness and detail. Detecting human intrusion in real time protects expensive machinery and other important assets.

Employee safety and productivity are the ultimate goals of these integrated electronic surveillance systems. Combining self-learning analytics with cameras, the systems offer perimeter protection and monitoring with image detail

Always on-call and readily available after an alert if technical support is necessary, Digi Security Systems can be onsite the same or next day after an alert. To further accommodate manufacturing facilities and minimize operational interruptions, Digi Security Systems works outside facility operating hours to install, upgrade, or repair security systems.

Fire alarm systems and inspections can also be handled by Digi Security Systems – even if they were originally installed by a third party. Partnering with alarm companies, Digi Security Systems monitors burglar alarms and provides client alerts or mass facility alerts in real-time if there is a security breach or life safety threat.