SIXNET Releases the SixTRAK® IPm (tm) Open DCS Controller |

SIXNET Releases the SixTRAK® IPm (tm) Open DCS Controller

The SixTRAK IPm Open DCS controller is the latest edition to SIXNET's ground-breaking line of truly open LINUX based industrial control products. SixTRAK IPm's powerful communications (5 Ethernet and 3 serial ports) and advanced programming capabilities make it an ideal solution for process control, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), or Distributed Control System (DCS) applications.

In the true spirit of the open-source concept, SIXNET is one of the first industrial automation vendors to offer controller (SixTRAK IPm) and remote terminal unit (VersaTRAK IPm) products built on the LINUX platform with open access to users. Truly open systems free users from the cost and development constraints of proprietary vendor systems and offer greater flexibility in sourcing and integrating system components.

Discussing the benefits of truly open automation systems, SIXNET president Steve Schoenberg commented: "SIXNET offers a refreshing, open approach to DCS systems. We believe that long-term success is best achieved through truly open systems. Interconnectivity stops being magic when equipment communicates through Ethernet, Modbus and other open standards. An open choice of products eliminates the risks of obsolescence because you can simply select another product. Open-source software puts an end to the piracy of high software costs and perpetual upgrade fees. At long last, truly open systems offer freedom from the captivity of proprietary systems."

SIXNET IPm products are modular and scalable LINUX based automation solutions that combine installation-ready industrial hardware with a wealth of software solutions that are ready to use right out of the box.

For most applications, no knowledge of LINUX is required (the embedded LINUX platform is "transparent" to users). For OEMs and System Integrators, the open-source software and development tools provide creative freedom for customization and optimization. User programs may be created using industry standard ISaGRAF IEC 61131-3 programming tools or a free LINUX compiler. A LINUX web server runs web pages created using any standard HTML development tool.

SixTRAK IPm features include:

- Flexible Open-source LINUX software
- Ethernet, Internet, telephone and wireless telemetry
- Internet-enabled - both client & server
- Two unique IP addresses for redundant networking
- 32-bit PowerPC with power to grow
- Limitless Multi-user Connectivity (5 Ethernet and 3 serial ports)
- IEC 61131 PLC open and high-level C++ programming
- UL, CSA, CE, DNV, & Zone 2 rated
- Scalable from 1 to 16,000+ stations
- Unlimited I/O Expansion (50,000+)

SIXNET is an international supplier of industrial Ethernet, data acquisition, and industrial control products.

For additional product information, visit their web site at
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