Otto Motors introduces OTTO M robot control software |

Otto Motors introduces OTTO M robot control software

Otto Motors introduces OTTO M robot control software

April 10, 2017 -  OTTO Motors, a division of Clearpath Robotics, and provider of self-driving vehicle technology and services, announced three advancements to the OTTO platform and customer experience at ProMat 2017 in Chicago.

The first is a redesign of the OTTO 100 self-driving vehicle to meet the rigors of industrial environments, while continuing to maintain the flexibility to work in a lab, at manufacturing plants, and everywhere in between. The vehicle features all-metal construction and an integrated lift for automated loading and unloading. The vehicle is designed for durability in a variety of environments and has become a flagship product for industries spanning healthcare, automotive and small-cell manufacturing.

The second major announcement at ProMat is the release of OTTO’s boss, OTTO M. OTTO M is the software that enables Industry 4.0 capability and connects OTTO self-driving vehicles with the material flow in a production line. OTTO M houses a mapping experience brought to life with a mobile and desktop interface. Using OTTO M, customers are able to have their fleet of self-driving vehicles performing valuable work within hours of arriving at their facility. OTTO M also exposes a standard API for integration with systems like ERP and MES to orchestrate complex automation with existing enterprise software.

The final announcement represents the culmination of work on both OTTO’s self-driving vehicles and the software that drives them. There’s no better way to experience the difference of OTTO compared with any other material handling product on the market than by operating the system in your facility. This is why OTTO Motors has launched the Test Drive program. Test Drive provides North American facility operators with a one week, low-risk trial of an OTTO 100 or 1500 self-driving vehicle.