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UReason releases WAM AlarmHarvester for Wonderware

September 302014

September 30, 2014 UReason International released WAM AlarmHarvester for the Wonderware System Platform.

An alarm configuration database is an indispensable element for compliance with alarm management as prescribed in numerous regulations such as ISA S18.2, IEC 62682 and D.O.T. 49CFR195. WAM AlarmHarvester enables Wonderware System Platform users to read (harvest) the alarm configuration from the Wonderware System Platform (specifically, the Galaxy Repository) and store it – time-stamped – in a database. After a given time of operation, the customer’s alarm administrator can upload the alarm configuration from a running and deployed application into the engineering environment and rerun the read operation, the ‘Alarm Harvesting’, so that configuration changes can be stored and reported.