PAS announces DOC4000 Express documentation management |

PAS announces DOC4000 Express documentation management

Houston, TX – June 21, 2007 – PAS today announced the release of DOC4000 Express™, an automated documentation and configuration management solution for the TPS system. The new solution combines the functionality of the prior DOC3000 and Automation Change Manager solutions and will be available from either Honeywell or PAS. Entry-level pricing makes it attractive to all customers, even those with small TPS systems or just 1 or 2 LCNs.

DOC4000 Express automates the documentation of all configuration information on the LCN, including tags, native graphics, GUS graphics, CL programs, logic blocks, and more. In doing so, the software exposes the entire TPS configuration to the user, automatically identifying configuration errors, unused capabilities, and interconnections between all configuration elements.

Jack Bolick, President of Honeywell Process Solutions, said, “DOC4000 Express is an excellent solution for documentation of a TPS system. We recommend that all TPS customers who have not previously licensed DOC3000 or the more recent Automation Change Manager solution consider DOC4000 Express to capture the benefits of automated documentation and system integrity checking on their TPS system.”

DOC4000 Express contains all the features of the prior enterprise-level Automation Change Manager solution, including change tracking, custom user queries, and detailed configuration reporting. To encourage adoption by all TPS customers, DOC4000 Express is priced at just 25% of the enterprise-level solution with full credit for subsequent upgrade.

“We are extremely excited about DOC4000 Express,” says Eddie Habibi, Founder and CEO of PAS. “Our customers have told us that they need a solution for plants with just one or two LCNs, and DOC4000 Express now meets this need.”

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