MPPIglobal launches Optimum, a new business improvement software |

MPPIglobal launches Optimum, a new business improvement software

January 102017
MPPIglobal launches Optimum, a new business improvement software

MPPIglobal announced the launch of Optimum, the asset optimization software purpose-built for any heavy asset-based operation. Optimum is implemented globally by the MPPI technical group and by approved partners. During their consistent work helping clients set and achieve mine site productivity goals, the MPPI technical group started realizing a gap between current industry software use and the client’s desired outcome. With some research and innovation, they’ve created a model that not only does what you’d expect from a downtime reporting or OEE software, but it goes further by implementing business improvement tools that highlight the areas of production truly affecting the overall operation. Optimum is built around customizable and user-friendly modules that make monitoring, classifying, reporting, and gaining insight into the operation more efficient, saving time and energy trying to identify problem areas. These modules include: Production OEE, Critical Process & Equipment Management (CPEM), Downtime, Trigger Action Response Plan (TARP), Analytics, and Reports. With tested and tried Production OEE models at the foundation of the continuous improvement platform, Optimum seamlessly integrates with existing software that may already be in use, while adding the extra edge of insight where it matters most. Optimum decodes improvement opportunities into easy-to-understand actions that can have a major impact on bottom line performance. Visit for more information! Date 12-12-2016 Contact: Laura Stewart, Sales, Marketing & Social Media Coordinator MPPIglobal + 61 (0) 7 3245 2500 [email protected]