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Sensor Controls, Inc., is a full service manufactures representative and distribution company. Additionally, Stover Sensor Controls Inc, provides solutions for most process and level gauging or venting applications, from product selection through installation, commissioning and operator training. Stover Sensor Controls Inc, services the middle Atlantic states from lower New York state south through Virginia. Stover Associates was founded in 1976, and later merged with Sensor Controls to form Stover Sensor Controls Inc. "SSC" With the merger of the two companies, SSC has built strong alliances with manufacturers which allow us to provide our customers with the best products on the market today. Stover Sensor Controls is a premier manufacturers' representative and distributor of process control and instrumentation equipment. The foundation for our continuing success is our extensive line of product offerings, our outstanding sales, technical, and applications support. Our goal is to our customers' growth by providing cost-effective application solutions, exceptional service and technical assistance to make their operations more productive, efficient, and profitable.

PO Box 863
Fort Washington, Pennsylvania 19034
United States
Phone:  215-646-3707

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