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Flow measurement is an important parameter in many industries. Technological advancements have generated continual design improvements that have resulted in increased performance frequently accompanied with lower cost. Although process control remains a primary market for flow meters, the cost reduction of these devices has allowed more widespread use in applications such as preventative maintenance, cost accounting and performance evaluation. With an increase in competing technologies comes increased complexity in flow meter selection. At Techrep we understand that its not a bargain if it doesnt work. We have "hands on" field experience in flow measurement since 1975 and are distributors for a wide range of flow meter manufacturers. We welcome your inquiry and look forward to being of service to you. AW-Lake Company Coriolis flow meters, Positive displacement meters, Turbine flow meters, Variable area flow meters Badger Meter Plastic vortex flow meters, Turbine flow meters, Ultrasonic flow meters, Variable area flow meters Eldridge Products Thermal mass flow for gases KROHNE Coriolis, electromagnetic, ultrasonic, vortex Universal Flow Monitors CAM thermal mass air flow meters, CoolPoint vortex flow meters, FlowStream laminar flow mass meters for gases, Insite variable area meters, MG magnetic insertion flow meters, Variable area flow meters

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