MAVERICK introduces OnTrack Alarm Response software |

MAVERICK introduces OnTrack Alarm Response software

February 252016
MAVERICK introduces OnTrack Alarm Response software

February 25, 2016 – MAVERICK Technologies introduces OnTrack Alarm Response software that captures the tribal knowledge of highly experienced operators and combines it with industry best practices to create optimized, repeatable actions.

OnTrack Alarm Response is designed to reduce uncertainty and inconsistency in alarm response processes, which can impact manufacturing safety or process efficiency. When alarms are triggered, OnTrack Alarm Response prioritizes the most critical notifications, generates next steps and delivers the right plan of action to the right personnel at the right time.

Implementing the OnTrack solution does not require a complete overhaul of existing systems. MAVERICK’s OnTrack team performs a two-week on-site installation, including a review of existing standard operating procedures, system installation and validation, and comprehensive training to enable continuous, reliable operation of the system. This intensive, phased approach ensures that personnel have the knowledge they need to respond with speed and confidence. After installation, OnTrack will be paired with MAVERICK’s PlantFloor24 around-the-clock remote monitoring solution, ensuring continuous, reliable performance of a plant’s most critical assets. 

“Unplanned shutdowns and process safety concerns have made alarm management a high priority for all industrial sectors and throughout the automation and control community that ISA serves. ISA embraces the opportunity to communicate to our members and customers how one of our partner companies is working to solve pressing operational challenges in this area,” says Jim Keaveney, an industrial automation sales executive who serves as 2016 president of the International Society of Automation (ISA).

“Alarm management issues cost the US manufacturing and process industries between $10 billion and $20 billion every year,” said Greg Millinger, vice president of enterprise integration for MAVERICK. “OnTrack allows personnel to address their most important alarms quickly and consistently, so they can avoid lost production and return to normal operations faster.”

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