Applications Guide describes instrumentation for nuclear |

Applications Guide describes instrumentation for nuclear

Applications Guide describes instrumentation for nuclear
July 16, 2009 — Applications guide from Fluid Components International describes level, flow and temperature instrumentation solutions for the nuclear power industry provides invaluable information to engineers looking for highly reliable instrumentation to assist in the delivery of today’s most competitive power resource.

FCI’s brochure helps utility design engineers, nuclear plant engineers and operators drive down instrumentation costs while increasing safety, reducing maintenance levels, growing plant performance and labor efficiency, and helps meet the latest nuclear plant operating strategies. For over 30 years, FCI has provided unique expertise to the nuclear power industry, which has helped to deliver both cost and time savings during all phases of plant construction and operation.

The free Nuclear Power Utility Applications Guide is now available for download on FCI’s website. The guide details FCI’s commitment to the nuclear power industry since 1978 and provides information on the FCI Instrumentation Advantage—FCI makes it possible to reduce instrumentation, power, wiring, cabling and installation with multi-variable sensors. FCI’s inherently dual-function thermal dispersion instruments provide both level and temperature, or flow and temperature outputs with only one sensor. FCI’s multi-variable sensing technology reduces the requirements for purchasing, installing, powering, maintaining and documenting additional instruments.

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