ONDO announces ONDO Smart Farming solution

  • May 15, 2020
ONDO announces ONDO Smart Farming solution
ONDO announces ONDO Smart Farming solution

May 15, 2020 - At the agricultural market there is a sustainable agriculture solution for automated drip irrigation management and control, precise plant nutrition and climate control. The solution ONDO has been developed by a Bulgarian company and offers both the hardware and software required for the automation of all plant growing processes, for all crops - inside greenhouses, orchards, on vineyards or on the open field.
Despite the coronavirus crisis, farmers need to stay on the field and take care of all required plant growing activities. ONDO Smart Farming solution comes right when the farmers need support in passing through this crisis period with minimum negative consequences for them. By using ONDO, farmers get this support by means of technology, and also make an investment in staying competitive on the international market.
ONDO sustainable farming digital solution is appropriate and affordable for big and small farmers alike.
Farmers can use ONDO from their computer at home or from their mobile device and monitor in real time all processes in their greenhouse or open fields, eliminating the need to supervise the process on site. 
ONDO is already setting up the system for customers in Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Greece.

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