FKI Logistex Automation Division Unveils New Cartridge Bearing Models

  • May 20, 2003
  • FKI Logistex
  • News
(Cincinnati, OH, USA: May 19, 2003) FKI Logistex® (LSE: FKI.L) Automation Division, a premier supplier of intelligent, integrated material flow solutions announces the launch of two new cartridge bearing models, the B2000 and B2001. These new models feature tapered hex shafts that eliminate the need for through axles, providing superior, quiet roller operations.Designed for high speed, low noise applications, the new models use precision ABEC-1 bearings insert molded into a conductive polypropylene housing. A nylon adapter inserted through the bore houses a tapered hex axle. Once assembled, the finished bearing units are crimped into roller tubes, resulting in a finished universal roller assembly; each end of the roller is independently spring-loaded for easy insertion and removal.Cartridge bearing model B2001 contains a single ABEC-1 bearing, with a roller capacity of 100 lbs.; model B2000 houses two ABEC-1 bearings, with a roller capacity of 150 lbs. Both bearings employ an innovative, patented architecture that eliminates the traditional through axle and replaces it with the tapered hex. By maintaining consistent pressure levels, the hex shaft removes the clearance between the axle and hex holes punched in the conveyor side frames, dramatically lowering noise levels and preventing unnecessary frame wear and tear. With the addition of optional sound-dampening foam, noise levels drop even further, making the B2000 and B2001 the quietest bearings available commercially in conveyor rollers.With two different models, the new bearings are useable in a wide variety of applications such as manufacturing, distribution, and sortation. Each model has been bench tested to 300 lbs. for 50 million cycles at 1200 RPM. Both bearing designs operate easily in extreme temperature conditions ranging from -20° to 150° F. The finished roller assembly can be retrofitted into existing systems, providing a cost-effective method for reducing noise and extending product lifecycles. The United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded the FKI Logistex Automation Division a patent for the new bearing technology in April 2003.For further information, please contact the FKI Logistex Automation Division by calling (513) 874-0788 or via e-mail at Visit the FKI Logistex Automation Division on the web at FKI Logistex Automation DivisionFKI Logistex Automation Division is a designer and supplier of material handling systems for all phases of product distribution and material flow. Whether it's high-speed carton sortation, moving massive parts in an industrial setting, or sorting finished products for shipping - from conveyors to cross docking equipment to order fulfillment equipment and controls - FKI Logistex Automation Division makes integrated material handling systems built to perform reliably for decades.With nearly a century of material handling experience, FKI Logistex Automation Division has the industry's most diverse base of development and application experience. We are a leader in the material handling industry - designing and building the highest quality equipment and systems, as well as providing installation, training, and ongoing service and support. Industry experience, industry knowledge, industry expertise - FKI Logistex Automation Division is the answer for material handling.

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