How to connect a Siemens PLC to USB

  • February 07, 2003
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How to connect a Siemens PLC to USB
How to connect a Siemens PLC to USB

The SSW5/USB converter cable is for connection of a Simatic S5 CPU to a PC with a USB interface. For PCs that do not have a serial interface, the SSW5/USB cable can connect to the PLC via a virtual COM port.

A virtual COM port is set up during installation of the SSW5/USB. It can then be used by programming software, such as Siemens Step 5 Version 7.2x, Deltalogic Accon programming software or other programming systems for the Simatic S5.

Use of the SSW5/USB with visualization systems that can be connected to the S5 CPU is also possible.

Connections S5-PLC interface 15-way Sub-D connector

Pin S5
1 Shielding
2 - RxD
3 n.c.
4 n.c.
5 n.c.
6 + TxD
7 - TxD
9 + RxD
10 GND
11 n.c.
12 GND
13 n.c.
14 n.c.
15 n.c.

Items supplied

SSW5/USB, 3m 700-750-0US13
SSW5/USB, 5m 700-750-1US13
CD with driver and instructions

Installation of the USB driver

If a SSW5/USB is being connected to the PC for the first time, the operating system will try to install a suitable driver. This driver provides the interface between the USB interface and the operating system (Windows).

Moreover, the software for the virtual COM interface must be installed and set on the PC.

Initial installation of the USB driver can take some time and goes through the following steps:

  • The operating system starts an installation wizard that performs the installation, which is automatic. Here it is necessary to specify that the source for the USB driver should not be ascertained automatically.
  • The next step is a prompt to specify the location of the driver. It is generally enough to set a checkmark next to ‘Search removable media…’ and then to click the ‘Next’ button.
  • The system now searches for the driver…
  • If the SSW5/USB CD is inserted in a local drive, installation should start after a short time.
  • After successful installation, the operation is completed by clicking the “Finish” button.

‚ÄčInstalling a virtual COM port

The CD supplied with the SSW5/USB contains the setup for the virtual COM port software. Run the setup and follow the instructions given. The computer must be rebooted after you have installed the software.

The program can be started via “Start / Programs / Systeme Helmholz / SSW5-USB”.

After you have started the program, you will see it in the taskbar.

Settings for the virtual COM port

The COM port to be used by the SSW5/USB can be defined in the properties of the COM port driver.

To use the SSW5/USB with Step 5 from Siemens, you should select a port between COM1 and COM4.

Order number 
SSW5/USB, 3m 700-750-0US13
SSW5/USB, 5m 700-750-1US13

70 x 45 x 18 mm (LxWxH) + cable

Approx. 200 g

S5-PLC interface
Type: TTY, 20mA
Transmission rate: 9.6 Kbaud
Protocol: AS 511
Pin: 15-way SUB connector USB interface
Type: USB 1.1
Transmission rate: Full speed

Power supply
Voltage: via USB 5V
Current consumption: 100 mA (typ.)

Permissible ambient conditions
Operating temperature: 0°C … 60°C
Storage temperature: -25°C … 75°C
Degree of protection: IP 20

Special features
Quality assurance: according to ISO 9001:2000
Maintenance: Maintenance-free (no battery, rechargeable or non-rechargeable)

For further product information:

Contact: Ralph Kuttesch
In Germany: 49 9135-7380-0

Contact: Gary Kelley
In the United States 713-941-1300

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