MOXA EtherDevice™ Redundant Switch--Stay Connected with Turbo Ring

  • May 07, 2003
  • Moxa Technologies Inc
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Recover your Redundant Ethernet Ring in a flash—300 ms For industrial automation applications, redundancy is always an important issue to help increase the reliability of your system. The recovery time of traditional Spanning Tree Protocol (ex. 802.1D) is too slow to meet the requirement of real-time control and high-speed data acquisition. MOXA EtherDevice™ Redundant Switch—ED6008—comes equipped with a network redundant protocol—“Turbo Ring”—developed by Moxa, that can help build up your redundant Ethernet network easily. With its ultra high-speed recovery time, once any segment of your network is disconnected, your automation system will be back to normal in only 300 ms. You can use ED6008’s built-in Turbo Ring technology to establish an Ethernet backup ring topology. One network segment is blocked logically, and if another segment gets disconnected, ED6008 will automatically use the backup segment to reestablish connectivity. And with a recovery time of less than 300 ms, you increase uptime, and keep your HMI/SCADA system running continuously. Unlike other Ethernet standards (802.1D or 802.1W, for example), you don’t have to learn how to configure complex parameters. It’s very easy to build up a Turbo Ring redundant ring in 3 simple steps by connecting each switch’s port 8 to another EDS’s port 7 to form a ring. In a typical Industrial Ethernet installation, 120 nodes would be considered an adequate deployment. Based on these critical test results, we are confident that Turbo Ring can provide a very fast and reliable redundant solution for critical automation applications. In addition, the “Ring Coupling” function of Turbo Ring can help you separate those distributed devices into different smaller redundant rings, but in such a way that they can still communicate with each other. Different automation applications require different levels of redundancy. Turbo Ring provides media redundancy, and only Turbo Ring’s fast 300 ms recovery time is sufficient for every critical automation system (compared with Spanning Tree Protocol). As far as device redundancy is concerned, you can also build dual Turbo Rings that in effect provide both device and media redundancy, and with a recovery time that is still a fast 300 ms. Compare this with a typical star topology. Star topologies generally use software logic to switch to from the primary network to the backup network, and as such have a longer recovery time. For detailed product information, visit our website at

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