TURCK's New Dual Mode levelprox Features Echo Mode

  • May 23, 2003
  • TURCK Inc.
  • News
Minneapolis, MN–May 16, 2003–TURCK Inc. announces a dual mode version of their award winning levelprox. This new sensor is an addition to TURCK's non-invasive levelprox family. In addition to the reverberation technology of the original sensor, the new model features an echo mode. The sensor determines the level of the media by evaluating the echo as it returns from the opposite tank wall. The echo mode is useful when detecting the level of a high viscosity media such as yogurt, which forms a film inside the container wall. By changing the dip-switch setting, the user will be able to select the appropriate operating mode for the application. levelprox is ideal for breweries, dairies, food or beverage production facilities, wastewater treatment, chemical handling, oil or lubricant storage and pharmaceutical applications. Using ultrasonic technology to sense through the metal tank walls is ideal for situations where intrusion into the tank is not desired. In conditions where the media is caustic or volatile, under high pressure, at very high temperatures, and especially if the environment is sanitary are examples where levelprox solves tough applications with advanced technology. Also, with levelprox there are no material compatibility issues since there is no direct contact with the media, and it is not affected by stirring devices. levelprox is constructed of high-grade 316L stainless steel and can sense through walls from 1 mm (.040") to 15 mm (.590") in thickness. A 1-1/2" Tri-clamp fitting is incorporated into the sensor and can be used with the optional mounting kit, which includes the clamp. The mount is welded to the tank, and the sensor is fastened to the mount with the Tri-Clamp. This positions the sensor face in the ideal detection position and ensures a sanitary, leak-proof fitting. levelprox is completely self-contained with no need for an additional amplifier. TURCK is a leading supplier of advanced sensing solutions to help manufacturers improve their automated processes. For other TURCK products or technical information, please contact: Application Support-Toll free: 800-544-PROX (7769). Visit us on the web www.turck.com, or Email: sensors@turck.com.

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