ABB announces next release of OptimizeIT Asset Optimizer

  • June 18, 2003
  • ABB
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Software provides real-time asset managementWickliffe, Ohio, June 18, 2003 —ABB announced today the latest release of its OptimizeIT Asset Optimizer software. Asset Optimizer provides real-time asset information in the proper context to operations, maintenance and management personnel; this improved visibility into plant operations ultimately helps customers improve their overall productivity and profitability. "ABB’s Asset Optimizer software really helps our customers proactively manage the overall operations at their plant or mill for measurable performance increases,” said Tom Mueller, Business Manager, Asset Optimization Products. “New revenue opportunities can be realized through the continuous monitoring, analysis, and improvement of the plant assets’ Key Performance Indicators. Continuous Improvement initiatives, such as plant-wide adoption of Predictive and Proactive maintenance strategies, minimize unscheduled shutdowns, optimize product quality and lead to operation near plant design limits; ultimately leading to Operational Excellence.”Asset Optimizer provides companies with a real-time plant asset management (PAM) solution that integrates traditional transaction-based maintenance systems with the plant automation system’s real-time data to monitor and record asset performance over the entire lifespan of the asset. This performance information can be used by managers to set future performance and profitability goals. OptimizeIT Asset Optimizer greatly reduces costly plant and production interruptions by enabling predictive maintenance. Asset Optimizer collects, compares and monitors equipment data in real-time so managers can accurately assess asset health status and identify early indicators of performance degradation before breakdowns. Appropriate maintenance can then be scheduled automatically. This reduces costly corrective maintenance (unanticipated shutdowns and repairs) and preventive maintenance (periodic scheduled maintenance which is often unnecessary). Efficient predictive maintenance is planned around production, and performed only when required by equipment conditions. OptimizeIT Asset Optimizer has several key modules that help improve plant performance. The Asset Monitoring module acquires, analyzes, and reports asset status and current conditions in real-time. Based on predetermined key performance indicators (KPI), the module’s asset monitors automatically notify operators and maintenance personnel when an abnormal condition calls for maintenance action. A built-in Messenger Service notifies key plant personnel of critical asset alarm conditions via email, paging or mobile phone.The CMMS Connectivity module provides seamless integration of the Computer Maintenance Management System into the human system interface, enabling access to asset related information through standard, pre-configured CMMS application views, such as, active work orders, work order history, preventive maintenance schedules, equipment status and available spare parts. These views allow for quick and efficient assessment of maintenance needs and status.Asset Optimizer’s monitoring and decision support applications are integrated as extensions to the Industrial IT Human System Interface, Process Portal. Using Industrial IT patented Aspect ObjectTM technology, the unified user interface is able to collect and display all of the information required to install, operate, and maintain each component with a single "click" of the mouse. A Thin Client option allows users (i.e. plant manager or plant engineer) to access Asset Optimizer’s information and features from any PC at any location using standard web technology. As a vital part of a comprehensive automation system solution, OptimizeIT Asset Optimizer serves as a functional system enhancement for traditional ABB automation systems, other third-party systems, as well as ABB’s IndustrialIT automation solutions. Tightly integrated with OperateIT Process Portal operator interface for superior navigation and system interfaces, Asset Optimizer is also integrated a number of other IndustrialIT system products, including ControlIT hardware and software and FieldIT instrumentation, transmitters and field devices. This integration provides the user with seamless navigation throughout the whole process and intelligent management of collected asset and event data to provide exceptional productivity improvements for automation customers. OptimizeIT Asset Optimizer is part of ABB’s award winning suite of integrated IndustrialIT solutions; these solutions address the challenges that automation customers face in today’s global marketplace. ABB’s comprehensive IndustrialIT portfolio of products is focused on delivering productivity and profits to automation customers. ABB’s product strategy is for evolution through enhancement to protect customer investment.ABB ( is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 135,000 people.

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