ABEVI Systems Announces Long-Term Process Data Recording With PLC-ANALYZER Pro 4

  • September 23, 2003
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The software logic analyzer PLCANALYZER pro is well-known by a lot of automation guys.This software enables the user to record and analyze PLC signals in their temporal course.The BLACKBOX from AUTEM provides an ultra-compact computer for the long-term recording of PLC signals and external electrical values using the PLC-ANALYZER pro. Due to its small dimensions (WxDxH: 17,7 x 22,8 x 5,1 cm), the system can be integrated in a switching cabinet without any problem.The BLACKBOX can continuously record and archive processing data over a longer period of time. The capacity of the built-in hard disk exceeds 3 years.Fields of application• Long-term process data recording• „PLC voyage data recorder“• Finding and localizing sporadic errors• Establish the responsibility in case of machine faults• Preventive maintenance• PLC- Remote-Service• Documentation + support of QA, TPM/OEEVarious fields of applicationThis form of continuous process data recording is relevant for system and machine manufacturers and users because the data obtained is applicable for localizing faults as well as documenting operating behaviour and system operation.Maintenance, construction and quality assurance receive valuable information concerning the system.The recorded data also serves as incorruptible evidence in searching for the cause and the elimination of faults, for example. In addition, wear and tear can be revealed early by a regular comparison of the recorded data.The BLACKBOX is connected to the PLC by means supported by the PLC-ANALYZER pro, i.e. via connection to the PU interface or an automation network (MPI, PROFIBUS, Indus-trial Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus+ …).The optionally available AD_USBBox even enables the additional, simultaneous acquisition of external electrical measured values (inputs: 8 x analog, 20 x digital).With the BLACKBOX it is possible to acquire data from several, different PLCs simultaneously. As known from PLC_ANALYZER pro all signals such as inputs, outputs, flags, data words, etc. can be recorded.Made for continuous dutyThe BLACKBOX is designed in such a way that it is fully capable of running without any additional peripheral equipment. Only connection to the power supply (24 V DCor 100-240 V AC) and to the PLC are necessary for operation. The integrated watchdog ensures that the BLACKBOX is automatically rebooted in the case of a recording fault. The operating status of the BLACKBOX can also be requested at any time from an external device (floating contact).Recording is automatically resumed after rebooting. The high degree of operational reliability enables a practically continuous recording of signals over several years. When the capacity has been reached, the oldest signal file is automatically deleted to create space for new signal data.Who is responsible for malfunction and damages?Malfunctions often produce enormous costs due to loss of production. It is of large interest for the plant operator to clarify the responsibility for the damage. In manycases claims against suppliers can be made valid. The detailed recorded process data are very helpful in this case.Easy remote maintenanceIf necessary, a keyboard, mouse and monitor can be connected to the BLACKBOX. A particularly sophisticated feature is remote operation from any PC via a network connection (LAN). The remote software required and an appropriate 2 m cross-over network cable for direct connection, are contained in the materials supplied with the BLACKBOX. It is also preconfigured for remote control via a modem or Internet (VPN). So the remote service of plc systems is made very easy.Signal files recorded by the PLCANALYZER pro 4 can be transferred via the remote network connection at any time to an external PC for further analysis and evaluation.The system is delivered with all the necessary software fully installed, ready-to-run._________________________By P.AneethaManagerABEVI Systems, SingaporeEmail: abevis@singnet.com.sgMore product info: www.autem.de

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