ASI Now Offers One Of The Most Unique Industrial Wiring Systems On The Market

  • November 25, 2003
  • Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. (ASI)
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The Terminator™ for ASI/Krone is a din-rail mounted, industrial terminal block that is modular, easy to wire, tested and approved to many international standards and the most cost-effective method of terminating wires on the market. Consider the simplicity and effectiveness of these key issues: DISPLACE THE INSULATION: The conductor is pushed directly into the contact in one controlled motion that is virtually idiot proof! The IDC contact does the work of displacing the insulation and making a direct connection to the wire. The contact pressure is extremely high, creating a gas tight connection, while the termination is rated by UL at 17.5 amps up to 450 volts with a 14 AWG wire. It even meets the shock and vibration requirements of Lloyds Bureau of Shipping. We are talking quality! TERMINATION TO THE CONDUCTOR: The Terminator™ uses a unique contact design, which places the conductor at a 45-degree angle to the contacts, which are nickel-plated copper. This design insures maximum contact with the wire with a minimum of wire deformation and results in additional support to the connection. No other company has as much experience in IDC design and we use that experience to design and manufacture the most reliable industrial IDC terminal block on the market. MECHANICAL SUPPORT OF THE WIRE AND INSULATION: The Terminator™ housing has designed into it 4 distinct insulation support ribs which act to hold and support the wire on both sides of the insulation. Our test on a X-Y-Z vibration-test table shows how effective this is in protecting the wire in all types of applications. We can offer you an incredible 5 minute CD video FREE that will show you these design features and the complete amount of testing that has been done on the Terminator™. Order it today and find out how you can reduce wire termination labor up to 80% and improve quality and reliability! Go online to to obtain immediate information, pricing, and availability.

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