Bernecker + Rainer Introduces Additional Analog Channels for IP67 I/O Modules

  • September 29, 2003
  • B&R Industrial Automation Corp.
  • News
The number of analog inputs and outputs has been increased on the B&R X67 I/O System. Four new modules expand the current product spectrum. These new modules are high-speed, easy to service, and seamlessly integrated into an existing programming tool – all valuable advantages for the user. An output module with 4 x 0 - 20 mA, an output module for ±10 V, and, complementing each of these, an input module with four channels are now available. High-SpeedMachine decentralization, ideally supported with the X67 I/O System, requires efficient components. More and more, this means more speed in the analog range. In less than 400 microseconds, all channels are changed, and data is passed synchronously to the PLC or from the module. Seven filter levels can be configured using software. This allows adjustments to the respective application requirements to be optimized. Easy To ServiceTo ensure ease of service, X67 modules place a great deal of stress on providing diagnostic options. This begins with each individual channel's status LED, includes the separately executed collective status display for the I/O and bus areas on each model, and provides a wide variety of status messages which can be evaluated with software. This makes on-site visual diagnostics just as possible as complete evaluation and display by the application program on a central visualization unit. Due to a uniform and sophisticated EMC design, channels are immune to reverse polarity and short circuits to provide protectiong during commissioning. Seamless IntegrationThe X67 module world is seamlessly integrated into the B&R Automation Studio™ programming and diagnostics tool. This allows the user to be able to work with the same software tool used for all other system components.More information:

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