ExperTune Introduces Classes to Teach Engineers to Identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the Plant

  • December 05, 2003
  • ExperTune Inc
  • News
In a typical plant, more than 75% of assets are tied to control systems, says the CEO of Wisconsin-based ExperTune, John Gerry. Launching a 'master class' that will be available to engineers worldwide, Mr Gerry said: "Almost every factory engineer is fully familiar with the operation of process plants, but needs some knowledge of the finer points in order to get the plant to run like an Indianapolis winner.""ExperTune's master classes are designed to teach engineers how to track the performance of plant assets, to identify process and equipment problems, pinpoint operational inconsistencies, and then remedy the problems found."He continued: "When economic conditions are tight, and markets are fiercely competitive, boards of directors want to direct resources to the areas of the plant where the greatest economic gains are possible. Our experts are now available to teach engineers to use performance monitoring technology to direct resources to the areas of the plant where they are needed most."Mr Gerry added: "Any CEO who has any doubt about the vast scope for improvement in the process industries should have been at a recent seminar held by Fisher Controls, an Emerson company." "At the seminar, Director of PlantWeb sales, Joe Herink, said: "Emerson Asset Optimization, Honeywell Hi-Spec, and Aspen Tech all agree that process optimization benefits cannot be realised unless the control valves are doing their job. As many as 80% of the process loops today do not reduce process variability, and the control valve is the leading culprit."Key performance indicatorsExperTune's hands-on classes teach engineers to identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) in various areas in the plant. Students learn about commonplace KPIs, how to benchmark a process, how to identify process and equipment problems, and how to pinpoint operational problems.Mr Gerry, an award winner at this year's ISA conference, explained that the classes are aimed at teaching techniques that achieve practical results. All instructors have years of practical hands-on experience in plants, he said, and engineers are invited to bring specific problems to be discussed during the seminar.He added: "The company's full suite of optimisation tools are designed to increase the efficiency of processes, and PlantTriage is designed to monitor and assess the entire plant, to ensure optimal operation."Now is the time, when the global economy shows signs of a resurgence, to ensure that your plant is reliable, efficient, and fine-tuned to deliver the last ounce of profitability. ExperTune's global master classes are designed to produce major gains in days, not weeks or months."More information: Tom KinneyExperTune Inc. 4734 Sonseeahray DriveHubertus, WI 53033, USA. Tel: +1 262 628 0088 Website:

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