Nematron Introduces the New OpenView HMI/SCADA/Web Server Software

  • July 22, 2003
  • Nematron Corporation
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Ann Arbor MI, July 21, 2003 — Nematron Corporation (Amex: NMN), a leading developer of open automation solutions for the plant floor announces the release of its new OpenView software that can be used to develop modern, scaleable HMI, SCADA and Web Server applications. OpenView supports applications that run on native Windows 2000, NT, XP and CE operating systems. OpenView is a key component of Nematron’s Open Automation Suite of software products, which includes Nematron’s OpenControl PC-based Control software used in thousands of manufacturing lines worldwide. OpenView will be available in two versions:OpenView Supervisory EditionOpenView Supervisory Edition is designed to monitor and control large industrial processes with thousands of I/O points. Configurations include 8,000, 64,000 and 512,000 tag versions. Target runtime environments are Windows 2000, NT and XP.OpenView Machine EditionOpenView Machine Edition is designed to support machine level PC-based HMI for PLCs and PC-based control applications. It can be used as a monitoring and control system for small processes. Configurations include 300, 1,500 and 4,000 tag versions. Target runtime environments are Windows CE, 2000, NT and XP. Development for OpenView Machine Edition is done on a PC running Windows 2000, NT or XP. The OpenView Development Studio and OpenView Runtimes are licensed separately Key features of Nematron’s OpenView software include:· Powerful Graphic Editor with Rich Set of Tools· Symbol Factory 2.0 and Symbol Factory ActiveX included· Sophisticated Alarm Management System· Real-time and Historical Trending· Recipe Management· Report Generator· Data Logging· Security System· Math Worksheet and Scheduler· HTML/XML publishing for Web Server/Thin Client interface · OPC Client & Server Modules with integrated OPC tag browser· Integrated tag database with Nematron OpenControl PC-Control software · Over 150 drivers, plus support for 3rd party OPC servers · Multi-lingual support via dynamic runtime language switching· Advanced diagnostic and development tools OpenView provides users with the necessary tools to develop systems that comply with 21 CFR Part 11, as required by the U.S. FDA for manufacturers of certain products under their jurisdiction. Examples of these tools include authentication fields and enhanced security for system access to functions such as displays, alarms, event logging, recipes and reports.The OpenView software conforms to the leading industry standards including Microsoft DNA, OPC (Client and Server), DDE, ODBC (ODBC is not supported by Windows CE.NET at this time), XML, SOAP and ActiveX. OpenView is Unicode compliant, and supports multi-lingual applications via dynamic run-time language switching. OpenView supports remote access and viewing via a Web Server/Thin Client interface over an Intranet or Internet TCP/IP connection. Using a simple web browser, remote monitoring and control of plant or machine operations is possible. Graphical screens, trends, alarms, reports and recipes can all be accessed and controlled remotely. Security for web-based access is built-in to OpenViewIncluded with OpenView is Symbol Factory 2.0 for all OpenView runtime environments, with Symbol Factory ActiveX additionally included for Windows NT/2000/XP runtime environments. Symbol Factory, a product of Software Toolbox, provides over 4,000 high quality graphic representations of process equipment, machinery, tanks, motors, valves, etc., all designed to enable development of engaging, effective operator displays.The markets where OpenView can be used include: · Automotive· Chemical· Food· Glass· Machinery· Oil and Gas· Pharmaceutical and Biomedical· Pulp & Paper· Steel· Utilities· Water and Wastewater OpenView runs on a wide variety of Nematron Windows CE and Windows 2000/NT/XP platforms, including the new PowerView/CE and PowerView Plus Windows CE HMI and IPC workstations, the Lynx Family of Industrial PCs, along with existing products such as the Delta IPC, ICC Workstations and Rackmount and Shoebox IPCs.Nematron’s OpenView software is competitively priced, with prices (for Windows CE version) starting at $495 for OpenView Machine Edition/CE Development Studio (up to 4,000 tags) and $250 for OpenView Machine Edition Runtime licenses (300 tag version). Pricing for OpenView Machine Edition Development Studio for Windows 2000/NT/XP environment start at $695 for 1,500 tags, and OpenView Runtimes for Windows 2000/NT/XP environment start also start at $695 for 1,500 tags.Nematron Corporation is a leading developer of industrial automation solutions for the plant floor. For the past 20 years, Nematron has been at the forefront of innovation, introducing the industry’s first operator panels, Industrial PCs and PC-based control software with flow-chart programming. Today, Nematron delivers a wide range of hardware and software solutions into virtually every segment of the industrial automation market. Current product offerings include Industrial PCs, HMIs, Operator Panels, Ethernet I/O, Embedded Controllers, HMI/SCADA and PC-based Control software. AOK Controls, a subsidiary of Nematron, offers project management, design, installation and support services. Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Nematron has employees and representatives around the world. Additional information on Nematron can be found at

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